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Political Books

My Renaissance Society class “Top 10 issues in the U.S.”, mentioned in the linked post, has started me reading a lot of political books.  One of the best was Hedrick Smith’s Who Stole the American Dream, but Mclean’s Democracy in Chains … Continue reading

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The Aftermath of Remedial Math

A comment from a friend about my blog (or lack of recent entries) made me realize I have not posted any of my reading summaries for quite some time.  Hope I haven’t lost all my readers. This is a rather … Continue reading

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Finished “Back to School”

Just finished Back to School (Mike Rose, 2012).  A short summary of key points I got from the text: Mike Rose begins with a story of Henry, about ready to finish his AA degree – Good student in high school, … Continue reading

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Back to School – the new Mike Rose book

Just getting into the first chapters and this is one book that describes the problem we face with measuring success in community colleges. He addresses the policy maker tendancies I see in action regularly from those who count students making … Continue reading

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Contexts – Summer ’11

Tuesday, September 6, 2011 Today’s summaries come from the American Sociological Association magazine Contexts (vol. 10, no.3).  My summaries include the sections on sociologists in the field, & from the journals – discoveries. I don’t write about every article, just those that … Continue reading

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