The effects of the shelter-in-place order in Sacramento has me going from the treadmill to the bike (all while reading) to the computer to get new books.  My last great political read was The Fifth Risk.  In a few words, it describes how the Trump administration was not only unprepared and unwilling to prepare for taking power but continues to either not fill positions (some 700 top officials in numerous departments), fills top positions only with people who want to privatize or close the agencies, or closes departments critical to a functioning society such as the department of global health who used to watch and prepare for global pandemics (thus shelter-in-place).

I had not realized how critically important some departs are, such as the Dept of Ag, Commerce, or Energy or what they even did. Lewis enlightens us and was told in interviews with departing scientists and department heads that the biggest risk (the 5th risk) is a lack of management.  The dangers are real—and made far worse by an administration in Washington whose general incompetence has been compounded by its hostility to science and lack of management skill.  I loved the book and hated what I was reading.

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