Fun reading in thrillers and such

I recently began reading more fiction than non-fiction or atleast read one of each at the same time. While still reading Fear: Trump in the White House (Bob Woodward, 2018), I have finished three very fun thrillers and a great nonfiction (Eight Flavors – which I highly recommend).

I just finished Good as Gone (Amy Gentry, 2016) and enjoyed it very much. It was a very interesting way to tell a story. Without giving something away, I hope, I sometimes became lost in the different stories but Gentry wraps it all up quite neatly in the end. I had to finish the last chapters in one sitting as things unfold very quickly as the end nears.

Another favorite is the The Alpha Predator (Steven Sterup, 2018).  The story begins when Adam, a lost young man working as a night watchman, witnesses the attempted murder of a man by a serial killer who has gone unchecked for nearly five years. He continues to try to investigate and is joined by Special Detective Torren. They become an unlikely team tracking the “Alpha Predator” who preys on predators of women and children. What a suspenseful story as they get closer and closer to finding the killer and stopping the murders – although I did think some of them really should have been murdered.

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